Terms and Conditions

What’s included

Every reasonable attempt has been made to provide a comfortable, convenient living environment. The owner provides everything listed in the apartment descriptions. Cookware, serving ware, towels and linens are also included. However, the list of supplied items cannot be exhaustive, nor reflect the individual needs of tenants. Tenants are encouraged to bring personal items if helpful. The owner cannot be responsible for personal items.

Cleaning supplies are initially provided but not restocked during the rental term. No toiletries or personal items are provided.

Both apartments are located on the second floor, with stair access.

Rental Terms


All prospective long-term tenants may be subject to an application process that may include a credit or background check. Short-term tenants may not be subject to this process.

The owner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or to terminate a contract for any or no reason.


All tenants, regardless of length of term, shall pay a conditionally refundable deposit of $500. Cleared deposit funds are a requirement to secure a reservation.

Partial or total forfeit of deposit will occur under the following conditions.

  • Cancellation of reservation within one month of start date.
  • Early termination of contract without prior written consent from owner.
  • Damage to property beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Loss of property.
  • Excessive utility costs.

Deposits will be refunded within four weeks of date of departure.

Short-Term Rental Payments

Rental agreements shorter than three months in duration require payment in full, i.e. the cost of the entire rental term, prior to move-in date.

Long-Term Rental Payments

Rental agreement terms greater than three months may elect to pay for the term in full prior to move-in date or pay a monthly rental fee, due the first of each month.

Payment Methods

PayPal is the preferred payment method. Invoices will be sent via PayPal. Major credit cards and bank transfers are accepted as per PayPal terms. Payments are considered received after PayPal has released funds.

Certified and personal checks are accepted. However, payment receipt is only acknowledged after the check has cleared. Personal handling of checks and the clearing process may delay the acknowledged receipt of payment.

Cash is not accepted.


Subletting is not allowed


A non-refundable deposit of $200 per pet is required. Exotic animals or unsocialized pets are not allowed.

Tenants are expected to maintain cleanliness of both the apartment and yard at all times. Pets may not be kept outside unsupervised.

The neighborhood includes a dog park. Tenants are expected to adhere to local pet ordinances.

Additional fees may be incurred for failure to maintain cleanliness, damage caused by pets, or excessive noise by pets.

Tenant Responsibilities

Waste Removal

Trash receptacles are provided by the owner. City waste removal service occurs each Tuesday morning. The street pickup location is the the garage driveway.

Recyclable material receptacles are provided by the city. City recyclable material removal service occurs every other Thursday according to the calendar located in each apartment.

Tenants are expected to move receptacles to the curb the evening before pickup and return the receptacles to their designated area as soon after pickup as is reasonably possible.

Appearance and Cleanliness

Maintenance and Repairs

Incidental Damage or Loss


Tenants are liable for the actions and welfare of themselves and their guests. Personal property is also the responsibility of the tenant.

The owner shall not be responsible for accidents or injuries of tenants or their guests. Nor will the owner be responsible for the damage or loss of personal property.

Tenants are encouraged to purchase a renter’s insurance policy to cover liability, injury or loss of property during the rental term.